Thank you for your interest in supporting the Burlington Airpark SLAPP Suit Defense Fund – it is very much appreciated!  

UPDATE:  Artist Helen L. Ness has generously donated multiple works so that we could offer donors a piece of art in return for their support.  Our sincere thanks to Helen for the Helen L. Ness Gallery of Donated Art.

How you can help:

  • See, share and contribute through our crowdsource campaign on Fundrazr
  • Donate to our defense fund directly via PayPal
  • Mail a cheque payable to “The Burlington Airpark SLAPP Suit Defense Fund” c/o Ken Woodruff, RBGC Co-Chair, 3505 Spruce Ave. Burlington, ON, L7N 1K4


Vanessa and Monte helped to form the RBGC and were subsequently SLAPPed (Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation) because they spoke out against the Burlington Airpark dumping of millions of cubic feet of construction fill, some of which is contaminated, onto Ontario Greenbelt lands.

They have continued to work for clean up and remediation at the Airpark site, were involved in the creation of new Aeronautics Act regulations, helped to found the Ontario Soil Regulation Task Force and were active and will continue to participate in the Ontario Greenbelt Review – in other words, they refuse to be silenced by this lawsuit.

However, legal bills are mounting.  Please help make sure Vanessa and Monte don’t become “SLAPP” casualties, burdened with excessive legal costs.

100% of proceeds will go to fund the legal defense of Monte Dennis and Vanessa Warren, defendants in the Libel Claim by Burlington Airpark Inc (Court File No CV-14-2290-SR).

Our North Burlington Defendants are being represented by Donnelly Law and Brian MacLeod Rogers.  

Funds are being sent to the Royal Bank of Canada account “Burlington Airpark SLAPP Suit Defense Fund”, administered by co-signatories Ken Woodruff and Diane Gregg of RBGC, and will only be used in the payment of legal fees from the aforementioned Barristers and Solicitors.


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