Changes to the Aeronautics Act become law

The Conservative Government’s omnibus budget bill, bill C-43, has received Royal Assent.

Division 2 of Part 4 of the bill amends the Aeronautics Act to authorize the Minister of Transport to make an order, and the Governor in Council to make regulations, that prohibit the development or expansion of or any change to the operation of an aerodrome. It also amends the Act to authorize the Governor in Council to make regulations in respect of consultations by the proponents and operators of aerodromes.

The RBGC addressed the Senate Transportation and Communication Committee regarding this amendment to the act.  We look forward to the implementation of regulations that will include a robust and meaningful consultation process that engages local residents and governments in any proposed development, expansion or change in operation of an aerodrome; and where development is socially or environmentally damaging, we look forward to the Minister intervening in the public’s interest.

Click here to read the Aeronautics Act amendments.

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